About: Charles Berton

I'm an author that also illustrates books for other authors, many of which are available on Amazon.com, like "Are there Monsters in My Closet?" by Jack Batcher, “The Adventures of Lola Larissa Lily” by Lauren R. Coffey, and “Nemo and the Trouble Bubble” by Ashlee Henderson.

In 2009, I’ve written and published my first novel, "Dream Walker", about a man who tries to help a friend, but in the process inadvertently disturbs an entire crime family...and it all started with an out-of-body experience.

My second novel, "The Alpha Eye", is about a controversial psychiatrist who makes an accidental discovery. By hypnotizing one particular man, she gains access to the subconscious minds of others. Knowing the impact such a discovery would have on the scientific community and the world as a whole, she experiments on this man with unexpected results…and potentially deadly consequences.

In both novels, the characters debate the big questions of life and death, allowing the reader to reach his or her own conclusions. Each novel emphasizes its own set of questions, like: Where is the seat of consciousness? Do we have free will? Do we each have our own special abilities and purpose, or is everything driven by instinct and random chance? What are the similarities and differences between the narcissist, sociopath and psychopath? All these questions and more are woven into these stories.

In closing, if you enjoy fiction that is off the beaten track and is more thought provoking than what is typically available, read my books. On Amazon.com, search Charles Berton to find all the books I’ve either written or illustrated. And if you need illustrations for your own book or graphic novel, consider me for the job, see the work I've done. Not only will you get high-end illustrations where the styles range from simple children's stories to intricate detail for book covers or graphic novels, but the entire book will be produced, words and all, plus help with publishing, all for a very reasonable fee. I would be honored to help. It's first come, first serve, and sometimes there's a few week's wait, but as my happy clients will attest, it's well worth it!

Thank you!

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