Creative Writing Group

Two separate classes, one for older kids, and one for adults. For those who love to write poems, short stories, or novels.

This is more of a group or a club than a class.

The instructor is more of a master of ceremonies than a formal teacher. He’s written two novels...

Although tips will be shared by the MC and other members, there are no hard and fast rules necessarily. Each week, members are encouraged to read aloud their pieces, and will be invited to comment if they wish.

This group provides a great way to sharpen skills while meeting like-minded people.

Members of this group are welcomed to add samples of their work here on this page if they so desire.

First Creative Writing Group Met on Friday, June 29 2012

Friday’s Creative Writing Group was fantastic! We went around the room sharing our analyses of each other’s work which was insightful and intensely interesting. These, in turn, led to group discussions. Everyone contributed, and for me, it was the most entertaining and intellectually stimulating hour I’ve spent in months! We agreed on the weekly writing assignment and set tentative goals for the future. For now on, we will meet on Thursdays. Cheers!

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