Free consultations are available. We will visit the location where the mural is to be painted so that the scope, scale and environment can be taken into consideration. From there, we will give you a quote and the estimated time-frame in which the project will be completed. Canvas paintings, portraits and other works are also available.

These are sample pictures. To reserve your place for having your own mural(s) done, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

The above mural and the following 16 pictures are from the same place where I am still painting more murals. The place is a great indoor playground for kids called "Imaginations at Play" in Ronkonkoma, NY. Click HERE for a link to their site.

Will get sharper cloesups of the above the Monkey and Parot, and the Owl and Monkey below.

The following six pictures are samples of the Imaginations Town, which is not quite finished. There's more to the town, and I will update these pictures when they're finished.

Below is from Sag Harbor out on the East End of Long Island.

Below is from a toy store and some residential work I've done.

The following are Beer Pong Tables made by request:

Airbrush on denim jackets, t-shirts and other surfaces available.

For unfinished work, go to my secret page.

Should you like a custom mural or painting of any kind, please fill out the form below and you will receive a call or email usually within the hour.

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