April 5, 2014
"Niko and the Trouble Bubble" by Ashlee D. Henderson and illustrated by Charles Berton of The Artist’s Pad. It is released today on Congratulations Ashlee!

Little Niko loves his bubbles! But one bubble didn't pop like all the others. Niko tries to catch the Trouble Bubble but is led on the grand adventure of life.

March 30, 2014
Charles Berton releases his second novel, "The Alpha Eye", available now on

Dr. Jennifer Larson, a controversial psychiatrist, makes an accidental discovery. By hypnotizing a certain Ryan Endres, she gains access to the subconscious minds of others. Knowing the impact such a discovery would have on the scientific community and the world as a whole, she experiments on Ryan with unexpected results…and potentially deadly consequences.

January 15, 2014
“The Adventures of Lola Larissa Lily” (a little ladybug) is out on! Written by Lauren Coffey, and illustrated by Charles Berton of The Artist’s Pad. Congratulations Lauren!

Lola Larissa Lily is a little ladybug with a huge heart. She must find her best friend DeeDee Delilah Danda the dragonfly before she thinks all her friends have forgotten her birthday. Lola Larissa Lily will not give up in spite of all her silly animal friends.

It’s funny and silly, and if you get a copy now, you and your child will enjoy an early spring!

June 11, 2013
Just released, the exciting children's book, "Are there Monsters in My Closet?"
by Jack Batcher, with Illustrations by Charles Berton of The Artist's Pad. Congratulations, Jack!

January 6, 2013
Happy New Year! Comedy To Go, Inc. & Strategies of Success presents our Improv Comedy School! Classes will be held Tuesday evenings for 6 weeks from 7pm - 9pm Beginning January 8th. This class will improve your stage presence, increase your confidence level and get rid of that negative voice in your head. Join us and then let your friends see the new you. For information call Brian @ (631) 255-3581

December 20, 2012
Merry Christmas! The Artist’s Pad designed the characters of the five piece band, but Ed Higgins did the hard job of drilling all the holes for the lights, installing all the bulbs and programming them to the music. This video shows the holiday light display by the Higgins family on El Dorado Drive in Thousand Oaks, California (the Conejo Valley), where lives the Kardashians, Brittney Spears, you name it; and Davey Johnstone, Elton John’s guitarist lives just down the street from the Higgins. Well, the reviews are in, it’s a hit! ESPN did three minutes on the show last Saturday morning, now it’s on Google, Youtube, etc. They’re getting calls from all over the nation! The whole show includes synchronized music with over 150,000 lights! We're talking Disneyland in the Conejo Valley here. Spectacular! By the way, a close friend of the Higgins, Paul Smith, the most financially successful comic book artist of all time of X-Men comics fame, designed the little house at the right of the yard with the smoke coming out of the chimney.


September 5, 2012
Update on Alex's Barber Shop Mural

Alex wanted to replace the boy's face with his business partner's face, so I made that change and a few other minor changes. I just realized that I forgot to take a picture of the revised mural. Updated image to follow shortly...

July 19, 2012
New Mural for Alex's Barber Shop

Need a haircut? Go to Alex's Barber Shop in Hauppauge, NY on Rt. 111. Best haircuts, nice guy. The Artist's Pad had the honor of painting a mural for him - as I worked through the night like one of those elves!

June 29, 2012
First Creative Writing Group Met on Friday

Friday’s Creative Writing Group was fantastic! We went around the room sharing our analyses of each other’s work which was insightful and intensely interesting. These, in turn, led to group discussions. Everyone contributed, and for me, it was the most entertaining and intellectually stimulating hour I’ve spent in months! We agreed on the weekly writing assignment and set tentative goals for the future. For now on, we will meet on Thursdays. Cheers!


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