The Artist's Pad is a new concept and classes are suggested as Tuesdays and Thursdays for 6-7 year olds at 4pm, for either the Cartooning or Mixed Medium Class; and 6:30pm for 8-9 year olds for either the Cartooning or Mixed Medium Class.

These are just suggested times, however any class will be available almost any day or time on a first come, first serve basis. Once a class is established at a certain time, it will stay at that time and will be built upon as others sign up.

Each class is $15 (except Creative Writing which is $12) and will be broken up by ages: 6-7, 8-9, 10-12 and so on. Advanced students can join the next higher age group. Choices are:

  • Cartooning – Learn how to draw your favorite characters and heroes while also learning perspective, shading and composition. It will also be guided by the wishes of the students as to what areas and styles of drawing to pursue.

  • Painting – Learn the methodologies of the masters from Renaissance to expressionism, and from abstract to your very own style. The class will progress according to the abilities of the students.

  • Mixed Media – Each week is different, starting off with basic drawing, then moving into pastels, paints and more. It will also be guided by the wishes of the students as to what mediums and styles to pursue.

  • Photoshop – For all ages including adults. One to three students per class. Will cover the many tricks of the trade including changing backgrounds and colors, using drop shadows and lettering effects, and optimizing photos for either web or print. Also, learn how Photoshop can be used to create digitally hand painted artwork and illustrations.

  • Creative Writing Group – Two separate classes, one for older kids, and one for adults. This is for those who love to write poems, short stories, or novels. This is more of a group or a club than a class. The instructor is more of a master of ceremonies than a formal teacher. He’s written two novels, many short stories and hundreds of poems and lyrics, and has worked with people of renown. Although tips will be shared by the MC and other members, there are no hard and fast rules necessarily. Each week, members are encouraged to read aloud their pieces, and each member will be invited to comment if they wish. This group provides a great way to sharpen skills while meeting like-minded people.

  • Toddler Crafts – Includes the parent and will introduce to the toddler ways to develop artistic expression using various mediums like crayon, pastel, paint, and even clay! Although the curriculum is mapped out in advance, classes remain flexible to the personalities and wishes of the parent and child.

  • Scout Art Achievements – Will go by the book to meet the qualifications for any art merits like belt loops, badges, etc.

To register for any of these classes, please fill out the following form. For "Date and Time", please enter the ideal date and time that works best for you. This will help solidify a special day of the week that we will always hold to for this class and your age group. You will be contacted via email and/or phone to confirm the actual date and time.

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Correspondences via the following email and phone number are also welcomed.

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